We are drawn to CATIC as a business destination because of its unique culture and environment where vigorous and devoted talents choose to pursue their highest calling: sharing Chinese aviation products and technology with the world.
It is this cause that CATIC is derived from, depended on, and devoted to. As the primary channel for introducing the Chinese aviation industry to the world, CATIC has emerged and expanded alongside the booming Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).
Our devotion, sincerity, and open exchange of ideas with customers and partners, and our comfort with complex and varied perspectives, take our business organization far beyond being a mere import and export corporation. Serving the world as a passionate and innovative outstanding defense and aviation solutions provider is not only our development vision, but also our honor. Through our collective work and commitment, we renew CATIC every day. Loyalty, modesty, and high-efficiency have proved essential to the corporation in tackling the enormous challenges that lie ahead, which can be summed up in one simple word, ‘growth.’
CATIC will never quit its journey toward preeminence, leading CATIC to an even brighter future. The skies have no limit as CATIC flies ever higher.

—— Message from President


Z-19E is a 4-ton-class dedicated attack helicopter which equipped with armaments such as anti-tank missile, air-to-air missile, aerial rocket and aerial machine gun pod. It is ideal for attacking ground targets such as tanks, armored vehicles and reinforced fortifications, providing direct fire support for ground force, as well as attacking air targets such as helicopters, securing the low-level air superiority, and escorting the friendly helicopters. The helicopter is endowed with the multi-mission capabilities in complicated battlefield environment with field maintenance support, and capable of combat during day and night.


Z-19E is installed with advanced integrated avionics system, day/night observation and aiming system, integrated fire control system, integrated communication system, combined navigation system, digital flight control system, electronic self-defense system, anti-crash and bulletproof system, helmet-mounted display and other onboard equipment, which provide the dedicated attack helicopter with low-cost, excellent controllability and mission capability, agile flight performance and high survival rate.

Amazing L-15 at Dubai Airshow 2021

The 17th Dubai International Airshow was officially opened at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) in the United Arab Emirates on November 14, local time. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC) brought its systematical military trade products to the exhibition, focusing on the innovation achievements of those products.  And also, this is the first time that AVIC made its appearance at a large comprehensive international air show outside China after the global spread of the pandemic. Among the exhibits, China's self-developed next generation of advanced trainer aircraft Falcon  L-15 made a wonderful flight demonstration.


At the Dubai Airshow, AVIC’s exhibits covered trainer aircraft, helicopters, transport aircraft and airborne weapons, with an indoor booth area of 200 square meters and an outdoor static display area of 300 square meters. In the indoor booth, the trainer area mainly displayed K8NG trainer, L-15 advanced trainer, and through the L-15 full mission flight simulator and multimedia, it showed the spectrum of military trainer products covering all stages of pilot training and meeting different levels of training needs, air and ground training processes and support equipment, as well as the training integration solutions in terms of pilot life-saving training programs, which provides  visitors with a highly immersive and realistic flight training experiences.


The transport aircraft area focused on the Y9E transport aircraft, highlighting its rapid response capability, strong airport adaptability and excellent operation economy as a medium-sized transport aircraft, as well as the multifunctional transport platform solutions provided by AVIC's military trade products in the face of strategic and tactical transport needs.


The helicopter exhibition area focused on the vertical three-dimensional strike scenarios against land and sea targets, and the three key military trade helicopters - Z10ME armed helicopter, Z19E armed helicopter and Z9WE armed multi-purpose helicopter, were displayed in series.


The outdoor static display area mainly showcased the L-15 advanced trainer/attack aircraft and the series of airborne weapons it can carry, fully demonstrating the L-15's ability to perform dual missions of air defense and ground attack as an attack aircraft.


In addition, during the much-anticipated flight performance, the L-15 made a stunning appearance and completed a number of flight subjects such as vertical maneuver, horizontal maneuver, horizontal roll, inverted flight, small speed pass at large angle, vertical jump and small route landing with high quality, which made the audience praise its excellent flight performances. 1637629850776340.jpg


Affected by the COVID-19, this year's Dubai Airshow is the first time for AVIC’s military trade products to appear in a large comprehensive international airshow outside China after the outbreak of the epidemic. The AVIC’s military trade people overcame the difficulties caused by the pandemic and attended the event as scheduled for telling the China military trade story, showing the determination and will of AVIC to practice the development path of internationalization win-win.


As one of the leading international airshow in scale, the Dubai Airshow radiates the Middle Eastern and African market, with great influence. According to the organizer, this year's airshow attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and displayed more than 160 aircraft, which hits a record high and exceeds the scale of the exhibition in 2019. The airshow will become "an opportunity to reconnect the aviation, aerospace and defense industries".




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