Lift-span Integrated

CATIC is committed to providing quality resources to support all valued customers on a continuous basis. CATIC offers a wide range of customized, on-demand, and customized support service to each operator. CATIC’s advantages are utilized in both Eastern and Western technologies to provide comprehensive support to all customers.

Scope of Customer Support:
Maintenance Planning
Technical Publications
Field Service
Material Support
Technical Consultation
Warranty and Service Policy
Ground Support Equipment
Overhaul & Repair
Successful experiences:
Worldwide 1,000+ aircraft fleet support
Customer service for entire fleet’s lifespan
Various training courses
International standard technical documentation
Technical assistances on-site
Local maintenance and overhaul capability assistance
Regional forwarding warehouses in Asia, Africa and Pacific
Over 45 representative offices around the world

Training System & Service

CATIC delivers training and simulation technologies to defense and civil customers worldwide.

Our training capabilities are enhanced by more than 20 years of experience in delivering simulation and training systems. We provide a complete training package, including equipment, facilities, and instructors, which can occur either at our customer’s site or in another suitable location.

CATIC provides highly experienced and effective instructors on the ground and in the air, and designs the very best in courseware and computer-based classroom training. We also provide each customer with end-to-end solutions designed to meet their training needs, whether virtual, live, or developmental.

Combat and commercial pilots benefit from CATIC’s advanced flight training services. We offer a variety of services across several business lines to expertly meet each customer’s specific training needs. We understand every customer’s mission and apply our technical knowledge to deliver on time and within budget.

Training & Training support
Digitalized materials and training
Flight Simulator
Operation Simulator
Maintenance Simulator
FSE: Field Service Engineering
Initial Field Service 
Technical Assurance Team
Technical Service Team
Field Engineer for Technical Consultation & Modification
Field Engineer for On-the-job training

Technical Data

Along with the delivery of aviation products, CATIC supplies all related technical operations and maintenance data, as well as an IETM, as per international standards.

Technical Documentation
MIL Standard Technical Manual available for Maintenance Level O & level I and op
IETM: Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
Service Bulletin
Service Information Letter
Notification of Change

Technical Field Service

With more than 30 regional technical and field service offices around the world, CATIC supplies direct and flexible technical field support for aviation products, as well as provides warranty service, on-the-job training, technical consultations, etc.

Upgrade & Modification

CATIC has experience upgrading & modifying every Chinese-made aircraft and many Russian aircraft. As such, CATIC also offers its customers avionic system hardware and software upgrades, weapons system modification, and upgrading of select products.

Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul

Supported by the entire Chinese aviation industry and logistics facilities of the Chinese Armed Forces, CATIC’s MRO Service meets our customers’ every need.

Air Force Infrastructure Construction & Upgrade

CATIC is capable of turn-key services for establishing air force infrastructure, including design, construction, and equipment installation and commissioning, as well as infrastructure and equipment upgrades.

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