Established in 1979, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) is a large, state-owned conglomerate focused on import and export of aviation products and technology.

As a state authorized dealer of aviation products, CATIC exports fighters, trainers, bombers, helicopters, UAVs, transport aircraft, general aviation aircraft, missiles, associated airborne equipment, and ground support equipment, as well as the various components and spare parts required to support these products. Over 2,000 Chinese-made aircraft now fly the skies over more than 50 countries throughout the world. Through multinational cooperation and R&D, CATIC has invested in and developed high-performance aircraft such as the K-8 trainer, JF-17 fighter, and many more.

CATIC commits itself to the enhancement of after-sale support and service capabilities. Its support centers in many customers’ countries make rapid supply of spare-parts and services possible. Its all-weather technical support guarantees aircraft’s best operational status at all times. CATIC also provides all-dimensional after-sale services meeting international standards, such as maintenance, repair, and flight training.

As the Chinese aviation industry’s primary channel for international cooperation over the past four decades, CATIC’s overseas marketing system, which focuses on information collection, market survey and analysis, project development, sales, and after-sale services, has cultivated a professional team skilled in project management and marketing, with a deep and growing understanding of domestic and international markets, trade rules, commercial law, etc.

Thanks to its profound understanding of the market and special concern for unique customer demands, CATIC is dedicated to providing quality products and value-added services, thus creating brilliance hand-in-hand with both domestic and overseas partners.

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