Industry Co-operation & Co-production


Supported by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), and based on a solid technical foundation of national military techniques, as well as product development and manufacture, CATIC aims to supply the international military aviation market’s demand, and has built close cooperation with a wide range of domestic system service providers, product suppliers, and project partners. With comprehensive technological services, CATIC provides military aviation product development, upgrades of in-service systems/equipment, technology transfer, and more. CATIC also provides technical solutions and consulting services based on customized development or co-development. In addition, CATIC supplies integrated systems, sub-systems, and equipment for modifications and upgrades, as well as transfers technology to satisfy customers’ needs.



CATIC provides customized development or co-development of devices and technology, including fighters, trainers, helicopters, and UAVs, as well as integrated avionics, airborne weapons, advanced target detection, navigation, telecommunication, and training systems. In addition, CATIC also assists with the development of weapons and auxiliary facilities through licensing.

To date, CATIC has successfully carried out several international cooperative R&D programs, including the K8 series of trainers, JF-17 light fighters, and UAVs. Those products have already entered the international market with excellent market potential.


Modification & Upgrade

CATIC provides professional and integrated technical solutions, modification, and upgrade proposals based on the needs of customers’ purchased or in-service aviation equipment, including aircraft system improvements, upgrades to avionics systems or devices, integration of Chinese or otherwise designated weaponry, installation of training system equipment, etc. In addition, CATIC can also supply advanced fire control radar, synthetic aperture reconnaissance radar, electro-optical target search/indication/reconnaissance pods, inertial/GPS navigation, radar and missile warning system, active/passive electronic warfare system, and an advanced display system (HMD, SHUD, MFD), so as to promote existing avionics and weapons systems, as well as modify and upgrade guided weaponry. Modification and upgrade can be performed either in China or at the customer’s base of operations. CATIC‘s technical training and capability ensures the customer’s optimal benefit and upgrading of capabilities. To date, CATIC has successfully conducted a series of modification and upgrade projects aimed at 2nd and 3rd generation fighters and training aircraft, including the F-7, JF-17, K-8, etc. CATIC has dedicated itself to assembling a professional team with an abundance of experience and skills to satisfy customers’ needs.


Technology Transfer

CATIC has successfully carried out international technology transfer projects in avionics system integration techniques, weapon integration techniques, and UAV design. Therefore, technology transfer cooperation can be explored in mission and weapons systems design, engineering development, and trials of fighters, trainers, helicopters, UAVs, etc.



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