We are drawn to CATIC as a business destination because of its unique culture and environment where vigorous and devoted talents choose to pursue their highest calling: sharing Chinese aviation products and technology with the world.
It is this cause that CATIC is derived from, depended on, and devoted to. As the primary channel for introducing the Chinese aviation industry to the world, CATIC has emerged and expanded alongside the booming Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).
Our devotion, sincerity, and open exchange of ideas with customers and partners, and our comfort with complex and varied perspectives, take our business organization far beyond being a mere import and export corporation. Serving the world as a passionate and innovative outstanding defense and aviation solutions provider is not only our development vision, but also our honor. Through our collective work and commitment, we renew CATIC every day. Loyalty, modesty, and high-efficiency have proved essential to the corporation in tackling the enormous challenges that lie ahead, which can be summed up in one simple word, ‘growth.’
CATIC will never quit its journey toward preeminence, leading CATIC to an even brighter future. The skies have no limit as CATIC flies ever higher.
L-15 Exhibited at ZAF’s Ceremony

On November 10, the Zambian Air Force (ZAF) held a graduation ceremony and military parade at the Livingston Aviation School. Government officials led by Edgar Lungu, the President of Zambia and Commander-in-Chief, as well as foreign military attachés were present at the ceremony. The CATIC’s L15AFTs and K8 primary/advanced trainer performed an excellent aerobatic show. Three L15 AFT aircraft flew across the sky and review stand in triangle formation with colorful smoke bands behind the wings.

Supported by CATIC’s excellent customer services, the L15s carry out important missions for the Zambian Air Force. The L15s have participated in big events in Zambia seven times this year, demonstrating good performances in both military and civic tasks, which help support CATT's good reputation and earn it a high status in Zambia and African countries.

CATIC Makes Appearance at Dubai Air Show with Popular Products

On November 12, the 15th Dubai Air show opened at the Dubai World Central International Airport. China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation (CATIC) participated in the show for the fourth consecutive time. This air show has attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors around the world to present over 160 aircraft in the static display area. It is expected that more than 70 thousand visitors came for the show.  

With the theme of Striving for the International Aviation Product Market, AVIC showcased 17 next generation high-tech aviation export products at their 200 square meters of booth. These centered on three main lines - military aircraft, civil aircraft and UAVs.

At the exhibition, visitors learned about the FC-1/JF-17 single and dual seat fighters, Wing Loong UAV series, Z-19E attack helicopter, L-15 and FTC-2000 advanced training aircraft, Y-12E and Y-12F general aircraft, Y-9E multi-role transport aircraft, as well as the AC312 civil helicopter. Also, the Z-10ME attack helicopter, which enriches the helicopter product family, was showcased for the first time. The UAV equipment series and its complete solution was highlighted at the exhibition for its wide spectrum use and application.

With the A-Hawk and Cloud Shadow UAVs being newcomers overseas, AVIC’s static display area attracted much attention with the UAVs Cloud Shadow and Wing Loong I and II  being on the stand for the first time.

The Emirates Airlines’ Airbus 380 and UAE Air Force Knight Aerobatic Team unveiled a series of splendid aerobatic shows on the first day of the air show. Su-35, F-22, F-16, FC-1/JF-17 and the Russian Knight Aerobatic Team were highlights of the flight demonstration. The Chinese PLA Air Force’s August 1st  Aerobatic Team made a debut in the Middle East with its six J-10 fighters demonstrating splendid group formation and single aerobatic display.

The Dubai Air Show is the most influencial air show in the Middle East. CATIC takes it as a platform to communicate with potential foreign customers, especially those from the Gulf region and Africa so as to explore the international market.



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