Industry Co-operation &     Co-production

Engineering Technology Solutions

CATIC has rich experience in aviation engineering project development, planning, organization, and implementation. CATIC provides customers with comprehensive services, offering aircraft and related aviation products, such as co-production and technology transfer, MRO and product upgrades, engineering planning and construction, as well as other services. Relying on the strong technical support of AVIC’s more than 200 factories and 30 design institutes, CATIC has established engineering project partnerships with many countries and regions in Asia, Africa, and South America. Its business area covers the entire spectrum of aviation co-production and technology transfer, deep repair and overhaul, and engineering solutions, while providing customers with infrastructure planning and construction services on production lines, overhaul lines, airports, and hangars. We will continue to enhance the value of the aviation industry chain to strengthen international industrial cooperation, technology transfer, and output capacity, and commit to enhancing customer satisfaction through value-added aviation engineering project solutions and services.

Co-Production and Technology Transfer

Infrastructure Establishment Of Aviation Production Line (Planning, Design, Consultation, Construction, Supervision, and Acceptance)

Equipment Procurement Agency (Construction and Installation, Common, and Specialized)

Technology Transfer

Provide Tooling/Tool (Common and Special) Procurement and On-Site Technical Consultation


Provide Technical Design, Technology and Standards Documents
Production Line Installation and Commissioning (Equipment/Tooling Installation, Commissioning, and Trial Production)

Training/Teaching For Engineering and Technical Personnel (in China and customer’s country)


Production Line Support and Operation Management
Professional Logistics Support Services


Industrial Management System Establishment (Quality, Quality Control, Technology, Production, Logistics, IT, and Documents)
Subcontracting Business
Subcontract Production and Corresponding Support
License Production and Corresponding Support
Derivatives Business
Industrial Development Plan
Industrial Capacity Output
Engineering Project Management Services and Consultation
Comprehensive Aviation Enterprise Support
Production Line Conversion From Military to Civilian


MRO Engineering Solutions

MRO Capability
Aircraft Overhaul: Every Type Of Chinese Aircraft and Some Russian Aircrafts

Engine Overhaul: Every Type Of Chinese Engine and Some Russian Engines

Components and Accessories Overhaul

Weapons Systems Overhaul
MRO Services
Overhaul in China

Deep Repair at Customer’s site

Modification Combined with Overhaul

Capacity Establishment (Figure 2.3.4)
Plant Construction
Equipment Supply
Technical Training
Qualification Certification
Comprehensive Maintenance Center Engineering Solutions

Aviation Engineering Planning and Construction
Military Hangar

Air Force Base

Base Navigation and Surveillance System

Other Aviation Engineering Proje


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