We are drawn to CATIC as a business destination because of its unique culture and environment where vigorous and devoted talents choose to pursue their highest calling: sharing Chinese aviation products and technology with the world.
It is this cause that CATIC is derived from, depended on, and devoted to. As the primary channel for introducing the Chinese aviation industry to the world, CATIC has emerged and expanded alongside the booming Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).
Our devotion, sincerity, and open exchange of ideas with customers and partners, and our comfort with complex and varied perspectives, take our business organization far beyond being a mere import and export corporation. Serving the world as a passionate and innovative outstanding defense and aviation solutions provider is not only our development vision, but also our honor. Through our collective work and commitment, we renew CATIC every day. Loyalty, modesty, and high-efficiency have proved essential to the corporation in tackling the enormous challenges that lie ahead, which can be summed up in one simple word, ‘growth.’
CATIC will never quit its journey toward preeminence, leading CATIC to an even brighter future. The skies have no limit as CATIC flies ever higher.
CATIC Participated at MAKS 2019

On August 27, the 14th Moscow International Aviation and Space Salon ( MAKS) kicked off in Zhukovsky City. This fair attracted 182 overseas companies and 635 Russian exhibitors.

AVIC, with the theme Win-Win Cooperation between AVIC and Eurasian Region, and centering around four main lines in terms of the military aircraft, civil aircraft, avionics and aviation composites, organized 15 key products in 10 categories, showcasing the military aircraft including FC-1/JF-17 fighter, L15 advanced trainer, Wing Loong I UAV and Y9E, as well as the civil aircraft models including MA60 and MA700 commuters.

In the static display area, it was the first time for the Wing Loong I and II to be exhibited in series at the MAKS, which demonstrated the Chinese high and medium end UAV R&D capabilities. Additionally, it was also the first time for the Wing Loong II to make its debut at the MAKS. It attracted the professional visitors’ attention. CATIC’s spokesman Wang Yaoxin, also the company’s vice president, was interviewed by the Chinese media including CCTV.

At the exhibition, the Su-57, Su-34, Mig-35, Mi-24 and Mi-26 from the Russian Space Forces conducted their attractive and skilful demonstration.

CATIC’s participation boosted the AVIC’s overall strength and image demonstration, highlighting the international win-win strategy and enhancing the close coordination with the Russian aviation community. Furthermore, the relationship with Russia and Central Asian countries has been strengthened through various commercial negotiations.

This year is right the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between China and Russia. As the honor of guest, China established China Hall, which brought a wide attention. Different business activities were planned. The exhibits at this fair were in the largest scale in history, which reflects the updated achievements in the China’s aerospace field.

AVIC Attends Paris Air Show 2019

The 53rd International Paris Air Show was held in Bourget from June 17 to 23, 2019. AVIC and CATIC brought their various main technically advanced aircraft with potential market to the exhibition, including the J-31 Gyrfalcon and FC-1/JF-17 fighters, L15 advanced trainer, Wing Loong I UAV, Z-10ME and Z-19E attack helicopters, AC312E light helicopter as well as Y-9E, MA700 and Y-12 family transporters. The showcasing demonstrates the industrial capacity of the total industry chain system and international marketization.


                                                                    AVIC-CATIC booth

The FC-1/JF-17 light fighter developed by China and Pakistan was flying again in the Paris sky. Its splendid flight demonstration showed its excellent performances, attracting those professional visitors. Each flight drew the applause and cheering of the visitors.

                                                        Static display of FC-1/JF-17

                                                     Flight demonstration of FC-1/JF-17

The Paris Air Show has become one of the important platforms that CATIC promotes its brand/image and explores the international market.


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